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Sunwest Pensions

Sunwest Pensions is a Metropolitan Phoenix based third party administrative and recordkeeping firm specializing in the consulting, administration and recordkeeping of all types of retirement plans. Sunwest Pensions has been providing these services to a wide and varied client base throughout the United States since 1998.

This website was a full flash base website that I converted to a wordpress CMS.

Live site


Sunray Direct

Sunray Direct is and has been my biggest client. I have been designing literally over 800 websites in the last 3 years (all wordpress) and just now finished one of their main websites. Great website for relocation. If you plan on moving out of state then check out this website first.


Been Busy

I have not updated my blog lately do to being swamped with work. I have and still am working on a website for a client. National Map is a wordpress website that looks simple when you fist visit. However every county and city on this map is being updated from html and or flash to wordpress. Literally 100’s of wordpress websites to setup. I have only put a small dent in them. Most of them are the same theme with some color and image changes and content changes. There are also customer client version I am converting as well. If you go here you will see what I am doing. If a website is flash or html then you know I still have to design that one.

Even though I’m busy with this client they totally understand I need to take care of my other clients or new clients. This is a long term process however I will always be able to make time for existing and new clients. This is the whole purpose of this post is to let you know I am always available.

Thanks for reading.



95 website contract

Websitefix has been working with a client that has 95+ wordpress websites that need to be setup and completed. This is good news. I myself am averaging 1 a day. They are all the same template. The client asked that I design six templates of the original with only a few color changes. These will be used for all their websites. You can see the main one here Atlanta the rest will be based off this one with all new content and images including the header for all the remainder website.

As for my other clients (new and existing), do not worry I will make time to complete and start new projects. Please continue to get a hold of me and I will schedule you in. I will be ahead of schedule and be able to concentrate on new clients/projects.

Thanks Don


vBulletin setup and themed by

Lately all I have been busy with is wordpress development. Seems more and more people are converting their website from Flash, Drupal or Joomla to wordpress. This week I did get my hands back on a vBulletin Suite, (the most powerful forum software) and design a nice looking website. I took the original vBulletin theme and developed it in to a unique theme to fit the clients needs. You can see it live here

Now back to wordpress, right now I am porting over a big flash website to wordpress with over 50 pages. Ill post back with a link next week.

Thanks for looking



websitefix just finished a really big website with aMember and wordpress. Great add on and very powerful. Second time working with aMember however they have completely redesigned the software so it was another learning experience. I am always down with learning new things as that’s the nature of this business. I must have spent all week learning the new program and can now say with confidence “I know the program pretty damn well”. The program utilizes many different ways to process credit cards on your website A+ for aMember!

  • You can see the website here