95 website contract

Websitefix has been working with a client that has 95+ wordpress websites that need to be setup and completed. This is good news. I myself am averaging 1 a day. They are all the same template. The client asked that I design six templates of the original with only a few color changes. These will be used for all their websites. You can see the main one here Atlanta the rest will be based off this one with all new content and images including the header for all the remainder website.

As for my other clients (new and existing), do not worry I will make time to complete and start new projects. Please continue to get a hold of me and I will schedule you in. I will be ahead of schedule and be able to concentrate on new clients/projects.

Thanks Don


vBulletin forums 4.0 update

vBulletin has released a new update. If you own one then you know how important it is to keep your forums safe and secure. I am available to upgrade your forums or even install from scratch. New skins, add plugins/mods or even make some template modification. Take a look at my vBulletin portfolio to see some of the work I have done. There are not many vBulletin designers out in internet land and the ones that are, are very expensive to use their service. I have been part of vBulletin ever sense they started. If you found me consider yourself lucky :). Thanks For looking. You can contact me here.